Ddollar apt and multi buildpacks expire on 1/1/2017


On 1/1/2017 two popular buildpacks authored by David Dollar (ddollar) -- heroku-buildpack-apt and heroku-buildpack-multi -- are set to expire, which means new builds using these buildpacks will fail.


Apt buildpack - github

This buildpack is used for installing packages from apt. As a replacement we suggest you use Heroku’s apt buildpack.

Multi buildpack - github

This buildpack is used for setting multiple buildpacks on an app. It is no longer necessary, as Heroku has native support for multiple buildpacks.

If for some reason you need to continue using a .buildpacks file (not recommended) you can use the Heroku fork here: https://github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-multi

How do I add or remove a buildpack?

Learn more about adding and removing a buildpack.